MAY 23 — 26, 2024


By plane

Ljubljana Airport (LJU) also known as Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU)
Zagreb Airport (ZAG) also known as Franjo Tuđman Airport (ZAG)
Venice Airport Marco Polo (VCE)

For transportation from Jože Pučnik Airport (Brnik) to Ljubljana city centre you can choose between one of the four shuttle transfer providers (GoOpti, GoCosy, ZUP Prevozi, NOMAGO), renting a car by a variety of providers, a bus or a taxi. On average, a taxi from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to Ljubljana costs between €20.00 and €45.00 (although in this case we recommend booking the taxi in advance).

By Train or by Bus

The bus and train stations are adjacent to each other, both located at Trg osvobodilne fronte in the city centre. For information on bus fares and timetables regarding arrival to or departure from Ljubljana, visit their website, meanwhile for more information regarding transportation by train, visit Slovenske železnice website or the station's ticket office (also available on the number 080 81 11 for calls made from Slovenia or +386 1 29 13 391 for calls made from abroad).

By Car

Parking options can be viewed at Parkopedia.com.


Public Transport (Bus, LPP)

You can pay your fare on a LPP bus directly with a debit card, by an Urbana card. Those wishing to travel on Ljubljana city buses, operated by the Ljubljanski potniški promet (LPP), should purchase the Urbana public transport card. The Urbana card is available from LPP ticket offices (LPP Passenger Centre on 56 Slovenska Cesta, opened Monday—Friday: 8 AM – 3.30 PM, Wednesday: 8 AM – 5 PM, closed on weekends, and at the Ljubljana bus station on 4 Trg Osvobodilne fronte, opened 6 AM – 8 PM every day, including the weekends and holidays), tourist information centres and most of the city's newspaper kiosks, news-stands and post offices. The card is priced at €2.00, a single journey fare is €1.30. It covers an up to 90-minute journey regardless of the number of buses needed to be changed to reach the destination.

You can pay your fare on a LPP bus by an Urbana card with preloaded credit (you will not be able to pay the driver in cash) or with Urbana app. For extra benefits, you can also opt for the tourist Ljubljana card.

 Bicycle-sharing platform BicikeLJ  

The BicikeLJ is a cheap bicycle-sharing system that gives you an opportunity to hire bikes from self-service terminals located across the wider Ljubljana city centre. The only cost involved is the fee for compulsory online registration with the system, which stands at €1.00 for a week and €3.00 for a year and must be completed in advance of hiring. To complete your registration at BicikeLJ, enter your email address and credit card number. When the transaction is completed, you will receive your subscriber number and a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) to be entered when hiring a bicycle.

Bicycle hire is free for the first hour, after it costs €1.00 for the second hour, €2.00 for the third hour and €4.00 for each additional hour.


The starting fee ranges from €0.80 to €1.50, and the price per kilometre usually ranges from €0.70 to €1.70.

City Taxi (also available on the app City Taxi Ljubljana)
+386 41 970 970

Metro Taxi (also available on the app TaxiMetro Ljubljana)
+ 386 41 240 200
Cammeo Taxi (also available on the app Cammeo)
+386 1 777 12 12